The UK BIM Framework sets out the approach for implementing BIM in the UK using the framework for managing information provided by the ISO 19650 series. It includes:

  1. the published standards called upon to implement BIM in the UK
  2. the UK BIM Guidance Framework
  3. useful links to other resources

The UK BIM Framework will guide and support you in implementing BIM. In particular, the Guidance Part 1: Concepts and Part 2: Processes for Project Delivery is being updated quarterly, to expand and improve its content. This will include early release of Guidance on Parts 3 to 5 of the ISO 19650 series as they are published, and the withdrawal of the equivalent PAS 1192 standards. (no BS will be withdrawn on publication of parts 3 and 5 of ISO 19650)

 We are committed to a co-ordinated approach to creating and communicating an international wrapper for UK BIM and ensuring a smooth transition in the integration of BS EN ISO 19650 series within our suite. Collectively we will develop and champion one single set of guidance in a clear and concise manner to support industry understanding of BIM standards and their implementation

UK BIM Framework 

You can access the guidance suite via this link