The information manager will play a key role in supporting the contracting authority implement and deliver the Standard information management plan (SIMP) successfully in alignment with BS EN 19650 parts 1 and 2.  

Dependant on the level of expertise and experience available, the information management appointment can be with a 3rd party, or an additional service to an existing project party appointment. To support, SFT has developed an example scope of services for a client information manager. 

The scope of services seeks to ensure four high level deliverables:


  • support the client establish a project SIMP including project and asset related information requirements.
  • develop and manage sets of project information requirements for each lead appointing party for inclusion within each appointment.
  • validate the project team’s information deliverables at key delivery milestones.
  • enable the delivery of accurate as-built digital information models & an O&M manual to support lifecycle asset management. 


A key function is to ensure the overall project and asset related information requirements are aligned to the project need and then assigned to each relevant lead appointed party for delivery at the correct project stage and time. Each set of lead appointed party information deliverables shall form part of their appointment and contract documents, as illustrated below.


Fig 1: IM role to support a SIMP for each Lead Appointed Party

This approach is repeated across multiple appointments, with each lead appointed party establishing the onward information requirements for each of their own appointed party/ supply chain members. 


Fig 2: IM supporting Information Requirements across multiple LAP

You can download a copy of the Client Project information manager scope of services here