The SFT Standard Information Management Plan (SIMP) sections are listed below and free to use on public sector projects. 

simp-breakdown.PNGFigure 1: Summary of constituent parts of the SIMP


List of documents that can be downloaded or requested for use:-


  1. Standard Information Management Plan Guidance document - Link
  2. Client Information Manager Scope of Services  - Link
  3. Project Information Strategy Dashboard Tool - Example or Email 
  4. Standard Information Management Workbook - Example or Email 
  5. Template 1 – Project Information Protocol - Link (UK BIM Framework) 
  6. Template 2 – Appointing Party Information Container Hierarchy - Link
  7. Template 3 – Digital Operation & Maintenance Manual - Email
  8. Template 4 – FM System Data Mapping - Link
  9. Template 5 – Asset Register - Link
  10. Template 6 – Task Information Delivery Plan - Link
  11. Template 7 – Master Information Delivery Plan - Link


The current release register for the above documents can be reviewed here


When requsting copies please state the specific documents required, and what public sector project or programme they will be used on. e.g. the Learning Estate Investment Programme or a new local authority school. 

All feedback in the application of the SIMP is welcome and should be sent to the BIM Delivery Group