The Project Information Strategy dashboard has been developed so the contracting authority can understand and establish the information management strategy on their project. This resource tool should be adopted at the earliest opportunity so the strategy can be used to inform the workbook development and to communicate to all lead appointed parties (e.g. Architect, Engineer, Contractor) and wider stakeholders.

The dashboard has two parts, the data input sheet which collates key project data, and the dashboard which summarises the high-level project information strategy. The dashboard requires the population of simple project data and then self generates the output via graphics and tables. 


Figure 1: Project Information Strategy Dashboard


It is recommended the dashboard tool is updated at the end of key project stages, and when new parties become involved in the project and is dissemintaed to ensure all parties understand the wider information management strategy. 

An example dashboard can be downloaded here

The dashboard tool is available for use by requesting a copy from the BIM Delivery Group