The Standard information management workbook in accordance with BS EN ISO 19650-2, is divided into sections as illustrated below: -


Figure 2: SIMP workbook breakdown

Before tendering the first lead appointed party, the contracting authority should ensure the workbook and associated appendices are fully populated to reflect the project requirements.

The main workbook establishes the project information standard, project information production methods & procedures, project reference & shared resources and the information management assignment matrix. These sections are applicable to all parties producing and delivering project information and should be reflected in individual appointments and contract agreements. 

The appendices establish the project and asset information requirements to be delivered by the lead appointed parties and their respective appointed parties at each delivery milestone ('project stage'). The contracting authority can use the appendices to establish their master project and exchange information requirements and assign one lead appointed party (‘responsible party’) to deliver each information requirement at each relevant stage. The master list can be filtered to reflect the information deliverables for each lead appointed party across all relevant project stages, and be used to inform their respective appointment and contract agreements.

It is recommended a suitably qualified information manager is appointed by the contracting authority to support both the establishment of the project information requirements, and the validation of information when delivered.

Further information is available in the SIMP guidance document which you can download here