Scottish Futures Trust would like to thank all stakeholders, partners and content providers for their support in the development and continued evolution of the Standard Information Management Plan.

Version 2 of the Standard Information Management Plan has been developed by SFT and a public sector and industry working group, to drive consistency and standardisation in how handover information is specified, and digitally delivered on Scottish public sector projects. 

You can find a case study on the impact and outcomes of this work here

The Project Information Handover working group (see below) continues to expand and collaborate to support the deployment of the Standard Information Management Plan V2 on the Learning Estates and Investment Programme (LEIP) and other local authority capital delivery programmes.













The groups outputs are also supporting wider initiatives such as the: 

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Scottish Futures Trust relies on collaborative working with public bodies and industry to support and refine the resource going forward. If you would like to be involved with the group or want to know more about our work, please get in touch. (Contact us)


We would like to acknowledge the below organisation(s) who supported us in the development of the new Standard information management plan V2 resource.



Master asset list and mapping resource: