The master asset list and mapping resource have been developed with industry expertise to provide a consistent approach for asset identification, grading, geometry classification assignment and OpenBIM data exchange, using Uniclass and Industry Foundation Class (IFC). 



It can be adopted by Scottish public sector clients and their delivery teams on projects using the Standard information management plan resource (*) and Autodesk Revit software. The resource consists of:



  • Resource adoption guidance (P03): a step-by-step guide to support the master asset list, classification mapping integration and IFC export on your project model. Download here 


  • Master asset classification file (P03): for integrating the master asset list and classification data values into your project Revit model using the Autodesk Standardised Data Tool. (Formerly the classification manager for Revit)


(*) Before using the Master asset mapping database and mapping file resource please refer to the SFT disclaimer: view here

The master list is subject to change as new and existing assets are added and amended following live project feedback’s and periodical NBS Uniclass table updates. 


Please contact the if you:

  • require a current or previous version of the master asset classification file, confirming both your own and the project particulars.
  • discover any errors or inconsistencies in the current resource.
  • would like to propose the addition of new asset(s) to the current master asset list.
  • would like to contribute or be informed of the ongoing development of this resource.