The Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP), is a primary plan which is used to manage the delivery of information during the project lifecycle. It is typically developed by the project delivery manager in collaboration with the task team managers and then used by the project delivery manager to assist in the delivery of project information during the project.

Essentially the MIDP is a collation of Individual Task Information Delivery Plans (TIDP), prepared by other team members, and includes details of when project information is to be prepared, who is responsible for producing the information as what protocols and procedures for each stage shall be followed.

Information deliverables which may be listed in the MIDP include (but are not limited to):

  • Models
  • Drawings or renditions
  • Specifications
  • Equipment schedules
  • Room data sheets

PAS1192-2 advises that following contract award an induction meeting should be set up to develop the MIDP with reference to the team member’s TIDPs. The completed MIDP will form part of the post contract-award BIM Execution plan.

A template MIDP can be accessed through the following link:- Template MIDP