The key principles of the application of the CIC BIM Protocol are as follows:

  • Minimum changes necessary have been made to the pre-existing contractual arrangements on construction projects;
  • There is an obligation to provide and share specified information using a Common Data Environment process and to comply with the Employer’s Information Requirements and BIM Execution Plan;
  • The Project Team Members can be required to comply with the Employer’s security processes and procedures in providing their work/services;
  • The Protocol should be incorporated into the contracts of all the project team, creating a consistent framework in respect of BIM; and
  • The Protocol is flexible and suitable for use on all Level 2 BIM projects (whatever form of procurement is adopted, whether traditional or more collaborative, such as alliancing and partnering).


The CIC BIM Protocol Appendices are the only documents which need to be completed with specific project details.

  • Appendix 1 – Responsibility Matrix
  • Appendix 2 – Information Requirements.  

It is essential that all Project Team Members have an identical CIC BIM Protocol and Appendices.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) BIM Protocol is not a mandatory element of Level 2 BIM but it helps support its effective delivery within a tried and tested commercial wrapper. The JCT BIM Practice Note states that

It is generally acknowledged that the use of a protocol is a most effective way of ensuring the activities of all project participants are controlled so that BIM mechanisms and standards are applied from commencement through to the delivery of the project and are of enduring value to the asset operator in the facility management stage (or indeed during the future modification or disposal of the asset).