The BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is a crucial component of any BIM Level 2  project. The British Standards Institution describes the BEP as a plan prepared by the suppliers to explain how the information modelling aspects of a project will be carried out.

As noted in PAS1192-2 6.1.1 as part of the main contract selection process, the employer shall request in the EIRs that bidders shall submit details of their approach to project information management, sufficient to demonstrate the supplier’s proposed approach, capability, capacity and competence to meet the EIR.

The BEP is essentially a vehicle to demonstrate the supply-chains BIM approach and response to the EIR as illustrated in Figure 6 from the PAS below.


The BEP is produced by the supplier (on behalf of the supply chain) and is submitted to the employer in order to explain how the information modelling aspects of a project will be carried out. It details:

  • Project team roles and responsibilities
  • Standards, methods and procedures
  • A resourced MIDP and TIDP aligned to the project programme

The PAS notes that the Suppliers shall be responsible for the cascade of information through their supply chain and that these should be well documented and capable of verification.

The BEP is submitted in two distinct stages, firstly pre-contract in response to the EIRs, and is therefore an indicator of whether the EIRs are achievable and then with more detail post-contract award.

The diagram below from PAS1192-2 illustrates the relationship between the BEP and other information management documents.


The following templates are avaliable to support this task:-