The supplier BIM assessment form provides a meaningful method of assessing a project member’s BIM competence, understanding and maturity. It should be populated by all appropriate organisations within the project supply chain.

A template CPIx BIM Assessment Form can be found at: CPIC

The CPIx BIM Assessment Form comprises four sections:

  1. Gateway questions: A set of key questions about willingness to exchange data and Quality of that data. If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No’ then contact the project BIM enabling team.
  2. 12 Areas of BIM: An opportunity to introduce the 12 Areas of BIM from which the project will benefit, and an opportunity for the company being assessed to demonstrate understanding of each of the areas and which areas they could support the project with.
  3. BIM Project Experience: An opportunity to highlight up to three projects where the benefits of BIM have been realised.
  4. BIM Capability questionnaire: The BIM Capability questions, in this section are a discussion starter and are intended to help the project BIM enabling team identify training, coaching and support required.