The PAS notes that the clarity of roles, responsibility and authority are an essential aspect of effective information management.

The Responsibility Matrix clearly sets out the responsibility for the production of information and models for each defined project stage, and to what Level of Definition.

The matrix should be an ongoing development throughout the project. An initial responsibility matrix may just set out generic roles and responsibilities. Following the award of the contract, actual project participants, specialist and supply chain members will be added as the project progresses.

Roles and responsibilities of individual team members as well as the schedule of responsibilities for deliverables of the overall team should be defined. When identifying information management roles, PAS 1192:2 notes that ‘RACI’ indicators could be used to help identify the role of a group of participants or stakeholders against specific activities.

  • R - responsible
  • A - authoriaing 
  • C - contributing
  • I - Informed 

The RIBA Plan of Work Toolbox, offers a free downloadable spreadsheet, in Microsoft Excel format, containing customisable tables allowing easy creation of the Project Roles Table, Design Responsibility Matrix and Multidisciplinary Schedules of Services. The Toolbox also contains helpful guidance and examples and can be accessed through the following link