Roles and responsibilities should be clearly set out in the EIR both from what the client will undertake and what is required from the responding supply chain.  Attention should be given to determining the responsibility for design coordination.
In a BIM Level 1 Environment the following roles and responsibilities should be determined as a minimum:

  • Soft Landings Champion [Client role] 
  • Built Asset Security Manager [Client role] 
  • Information Manager [Lead Designer / Main Contractor – depending on project stage]

A RASCI Matrix should be created to assign and display responsibilities of individuals and or tasks,

RASCI (sometimes RASIC) should define:

  • R - Responsible - who is responsible for carrying out the entrusted task?
  • A - Accountable (also Approver) - who is responsible for the whole task and who is responsible for what has been done?
  • S - Support - who provides support during the implementation of the activity / process / service?
  • C - Consulted - who can provide valuable advice or consultation for the task?
  • I - Informed - who should be informed about the task progress or the decisions in the task?