Model Status

Design (Federated) Model


What the model can be relied upon for

A dimensionally correct and co-ordinated model which communicates the response to the brief, aesthetic intent and some performance information that can be used for analysis, design development and early contractor engagement. The model can be used for co-ordination, sequencing and estimating purposes including the agreement of a first stage target price.


Approval of co-ordinated developed design

Parametric information

Co-ordinated Developed Design for the project setting: generic systems, objects, or assemblies represented with, detailed form, function, cost, defining all components in terms of overall size, typical detail, performance and outline specification, primary geometry frozen, integration of standard designs and systems, builder’s work strategy for significant interfaces, energy use, embodied and in use carbon Maintenance plan Detailed design and construction programme

Project costs

Commitment Cost Plan Contractor’s first stage bid submission Detailed whole life cost plan