During the project development process, the Project Information Model (PIM) continues to develop in accordance with the Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP). At defined gateway stages, the supplier will deliver through information exchanges the required information deliverables to the emplorer as prescribed by the EIR.


The PIM generally comprsies a series of domain based models, a federated model along with related non-grahpical data such as COBie and electronic documentation. Generally only on very small projects with one design disicipline will there be a single building information model.

The supplier shall follow a defined process for delivery management to ensure that data at each of the information exchnages is accurate and appropiate to the decisions it is responding to. The diagram below illustrates the information growth across the project lifecycle and how the typical deliverables support the stage gateway decsions.

The Common Data Environment (CDE) is at the core of the delivery process ensuring that the production of information is managed and exchanged in a consistent manner.


It is important that the processes, proecdures and responsibilities be established to validate the data received at each of the stage gatways including: accuracy, compliance with standards ,integrity, continuity and completeness. These requirements shoud be set out in the EIR along with valiadtion procedures for the CDE gateways.