During this stage, the Project Information Model (PIM) is progressed and will be co-ordinated and dimensionally correct. PAS1192-2 notes that by the stage models should be sufficiently developed to verify compliance with regulatory compliance. The model should be developed to a stage whereby production information can be utilised for the purposes of tendering.

The designs and models will now be further refined to provide technical definition of the project and the level of definition produced by each designer undertaken in accordance with the MIDP.

The PIM will also be mature enough by this stage to start incorporating specialist sub-contractor models and support the agreement of a target price or GMP.

A detailed construction methodology, risk management plan and maintenance plan should also be able to be developed based upon information from the models.

For further information in relation to this stage, please refer to the Design Stage Video. For next steps within this stage, please refer to the Design Stage Checklist and associated tasks listed on this page.