BSI BIM Level 2 Glossary

The BIM Level 2 website developed by British Standards Institution has a Glossary of terms which provides a useful referenece point to clarify the defintion of BIM terms. This can be accessed by the following link.

 The BIM Dictionary

The BIM Dictionary is a resource for all to freely use. It includes hundreds of Dictionary Items: terms with their descriptions, abbreviations and synonyms. Each Dictionary Item has its own page so it can be easily referenced in documents and websites. The BIM Dictionary is part of the BIM Excellence Initiative and will expand through the efforts of Volunteer Supporters and Official Sponsors.


BIM Teriminolgy: BRE Group

Created by the BRE Group, the BIM Terminology provides definitions for various BIM terminologies. There is a useful search function and the system also links terms to the associated standards.


The Periodic Table of BIM

Created by NBS, the Periodic Table of BIM, offers a useful interface to locate the main elements of BIM in an easy to follow visual reference. This can be accessed by the following link