The journey towards the adoption of Building Information Modelling and the application of new value adding technologies is dependent on the ability of collaborative teams to have the suitable skills and expertise. 

Education and training is a fundamental part in the objective of applying BIM as business as usual. There are a number of organisations and initiatives nationally and internationally which are involved in this field. The BIM Delivery Group for Scotland has sought to explore this area and collaborate with organisations within Scotland, the UK and internationally where appropriate. The group has led the development of the following initiatives:-


Creation of a National BIM Academia Group

The BIM 4 Academia Group (BIM4 AG) is a forum of Scottish academic providers and training boards.  The BIM4AG is a forum to share knowledge, guidance and feedback as to how BIM can be pragmatically implemented in a structured manner at apprentice, undergraduate and post-graduate level.  The group will explore opportunities for research and sharing of knowledge. The group should also consider and respond to skill requirements for BIM adoption and opportunities within the implementation programme to promote learning within construction institutions and schools. To enquire about joining this group, please contact the BIM Delivery Group. 


Delivery of Free BIM Training Workshops

The BIM Delivery Group for Scotland also seeks to support the upskilling of the public sector. To this end, we have developed and delivered tailored training workshops. The 5 workshops were held across Scotland during February and March 2018 and engaged with over 20 public bodies. 

The training focused on raising awareness, the benefits of good information management and also the development of informed employer information requirements. The slides pack from the training workshop can be accessed through the link below:-




BIM Competency Framework Research

In November 2017, in partnership with CITB, SFT commissioned the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre to deliver research on the development of a BIM Competency Framework. The research was to answer the following key questions:-

  1. Outline the benefits and challenges to implement a BIM competency framework.
  2. Review and map existing education and training initiatives specific to BIM. 
  3. Develop the key principles and structure of a BIM competency framework.

This research was delivered through the hosting of workshops, consultations, review of literature and interviews. 

The research provided two reports which included an overview of a consultation workshop aswell as the main research paper:-




For any queries in relation to the research please contact the BIM Delivery Group. (