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Working groups

Project information handover working group

SFT have established this working group to help drive consistency in how project completion and handover information is briefed, produced and delivered across the Scottish public sector.

The core group is represented by local authority clients, main contractors and key supply chain members, who through collaboration have steered the technical development of version 2 of the Standard information management plan resource, which is strongly focused on the specification and digital delivery of quality as-constructed record information, an asset register, operations and maintenance (O&M) manual and health and safety file.

A case study on the groups impact and outcomes, which continue to evolve through project delivery feedback and lessons learnt workshops, is available.

If you would like to become involved with this group please get in touch via the Contact page.

Digital Estate & Infrastructure group

The purpose of the Digital Estate & Infrastructure group is to enable digitisation, integration and curation of appropriate digital information management to support efficient planning, design delivery and management of the public sector estate. The groups key aims and objectives are:

  • Facilitate and enable knowledge sharing across public bodies
  • Develop working groups to support joint objectives and initiatives and support wider digital transformation of the public sector estate.
  • Identify key priorities for public bodies to build on Level 2 BIM activities and support scaling of approach's towards a digital estate and explore new digital approach’s and technologies.

Below is a table of current core member organisations which continues to evolve as the engagement and network grows.

If you would like to become involved with this group please get in touch via the Contact page.