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Standard Information Management Plan Disclaimer 

The Standard information management plan resources consisting of the Standard information management workbooks (Project Information Requirements and Asset Register), appendices, templates and supporting guidance, have been developed by Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) (authors).

The workbooks are used to outline the appointing party (ISO 19650-1) (Client-NEC4)  information requirements at a project level, and to inform the detailed information deliverables for each lead appointed party (ISO19650-1) (Information Provider-NEC4) at each project information delivery milestone according to BS EN ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2. The resources are not intended and should not be used as the sole basis for the appointment of lead appointed parties and should be developed in parallel with other appointment documents.

SFT have prepared the Standard information management plan as a resource available to Scottish public authorities in procuring the delivery and handover of infrastructure facilities. The resource(s) are issued so as to be consistent with applicable standards and guidance current as at the date of publication.

SFT does not owe any duty of care to users of the Standard information management plan resource(s), and in particular (but without limiting that general exclusion of liability), SFT will not accept any liability arising from any provision, recommendation, template, guidance or action as set out in the Standard information management plan resources, nor for any part of it being incorrect or misleading, either generally or in respect of its application to a given set of circumstances.