As Scotland moves towards a digital built environment, the management of digital data and information within the public sector estate is seen as a key mechanism to drive efficiencies during the construction and operational stages. The process to improve the management and use of data and information within the built environment is Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM uses digital technology and collaborative working processes to improve the sharing and analysis of data within both the construction and operational phases of the built environment.  

What Public Sector Construction Projects Will Require BIM from April 2017.

From April 2017, Scottish Government and relevant bodies in scope of the Scottish Public Finance Manual must adopt the new Scottish BIM Guidance for public works contracts commencing procurement procedures from 31st April 2017. Other bodies that can award public contracts, and other organisations providing delivery mechanisms for the construction of public buildings and infrastructure, are asked to implement BIM and integrate into their procurement procedures. In addition, the requirements for BIM may be included as a conditions of funding for forthcoming Scottish Government infrastructure programmes. 

This website has been developed to support the Scottish Public Sector implement BIM within the built environment. This guidance portal has been designed to;-

  • Keep digital working simple
  • Aligned to the needs of the Scottish Public Sector, 
  • Support procuring authorities decide where appropriate, BIM should be implemented within projects and to what level of BIM maturity.


For any queries in relation to this website please contact the Scottish BIM Delivery Group.